Major publications

Major publications

Following on from his work as a Guest Lecturer with Coral Expeditions he has written two books both of which reflect Sandy’s interests in geomorphology, plant and animal ecology and local history:

Kimberley Coast -bays, basins, island and estuaries

(published by Envirobook in 2012; reprinted 2015: 126 pages)

Australia’s Kimberley Coast -its landscapes, biodiversity and human history

(published by Axiom in 2018: 338 pages).

Given his long association with Coral Expeditions and its predecessor, Coral Princess Cruises, Sandy was asked to edit and contribute to an anthology:

This compendium recalls and records phases in the growth and development of Coral Expeditions as presented by past and present company principals, ship’s officers and crew, several shore-based staff and many from their team of guest lecturers.

A Pioneering Cruise Line

(published in 2019:208 pages).